City models
City e-bikes are unbeatable everyday companions that allow you to easily cover short or medium distances in and around the city. Whether it is a ride to work or school, a shopping trip or a leisure ride, you can enjoy them all, regardless of rush hour or public schedules. Child seats, bike baskets or panniers fit neatly on the rack. The choice to travel to work in an environmentally friendly is also becoming ever more popular. With the help of an e-bike your city suddenly feels smaller. The C in these models stands for City! Our CT range and two CF models are all equipped with a closed or semi-closed chain guard and in most cases a hub gear. In addition, of course, they are provided with lighting, a bike rack and a good kickstand. These e-bikes offer a comfortable way to ride short distances.


Main Purpose

Position of Motor

Sitting position

Frame Model

Frame Size

Battery Capacity

Wheel size

Belt Drive

Carbon frame

Number of gears

Gear Type

Motor Type



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