The best mountain bike routes in the Netherlands

The most beautiful mountain bike routes of The Netherlands

The great thing about a mountain bike is that you can ride it anywhere. With an e-MTB from BESV you can cover many dozens of kilometres without needing to be extremely well trained. You can tour through the city or choose a beautiful route and enjoy the wonderful cycle paths in our country. But of course, a mountain bike only really comes into its own on unpaved paths. You just need to know where to find them! That’s why we have listed the most beautiful mountain bike routes in the Netherlands. These routes are suitable for mountain bikers with an average to good condition and for those who have an electric mountain bike.

Mountain Bike route Rhenen

One of the most technically challenging trails in the Netherlands can be found in the City Forests of Rhenen, part of National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug. This area is for Dutch standards particularly relief rich, which is due to the ice that over 130,000 years ago sand and stones pushed up to hills. The landscape is hilly as well as varied, with forests, heaths and meadows alternating with each other. The route is rather short with 6,4 kilometres, but don’t be mistaken: the many large height differences and the challenging sharp bends will be a challenge even for an e-MTB!

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Rough-riding in Rijssen

Between Rijssen and the A1 motorway, in Overijssel, lies nature reserve De Borkeld. In this 600-hectare nature reserve you will find everything you could wish for as a nature lover and mountain biker in the Netherlands: a sloping landscape full of forests, heaths, meadows, fields, clay pits and even bogs. The route starts at Sportpark de Koerbelt and is approximately 17.9 kilometres long. The height differences on this route are not that big, but don’t think it will be easy! There is almost no flat spot in this tour, which makes it pretty tough. You’ll ride over the 40-meter high Friezenberg and over a number of grave hills. Very special!

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MTB trail St-Pietersberg

For this route we go to Limburg, on the outskirts of Maastricht, where the highest mountain in our country is located: the Sint-Pietersberg (171 m). Since 1974 the area around the mountain is a protected nature reserve and has beautiful limestone quarries, which makes for a magical setting. This singletrack with a length of 4,9 km is marked with the colour code black, which means that it is very difficult. This route is certainly not for beginners, because it has some very steep parts (up and down) and quite challenging curves. With the support of your electric mountain bike, the uphill sections are easy to do, but you’ll have to steer and control your bike yourself. So you have been warned!

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Breathtaking Amerongen

The mountain bike route in Amerongen can be easily combined with the route near Rhenen, because this is also located on the Utrecht Ridge. Expect here also a sloping landscape and a lot of variety in terms of nature. It’s a relatively easy route, perfect for beginners! The trail, with a length of 18,4 km is very nice, with lots of variation. One moment you’re cycling over the flat heathland, the next moment you’re slaloming between the trees of the forest. There are also a few steep climbs and challenging descents. Keep in mind that you need a vignette to drive here.

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The three mountains of Lochem

For Dutch standards, a unique route can be found in Gelderland. This 21.2 km long route takes you over not one, not two, but three mountains. First you cycle over the Paaschberg, then comes the Lochemse Berg and to top it all off, you also get to ride over the Kale Berg. Definitely not an easy route. As a novice mountain biker without pedal assistance, we recommend you to train a while before you start here. However, the experienced rider or the one who rides an e-mountain bike will certainly find something to his liking, with nice steep slopes, alternated by fairly long flat stretches and a scenery full of dense forests, whimsical wooded banks and particularly rich ditch edges.

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The roof of Netersel

A relatively short route but certainly not an easy one: the roof of Netersel in Brabant. This is a technically quite tough route, so only for those who have the bike under control! Expect a lot of short turns, extremely steep up and down hills and sharp corners. A beautiful challenge of 4.0 kilometres long, which has been carefully constructed in a wooded area, on a former garbage dump. Kudos to the trail builders!

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MTB route Spaarnwoude

Finally, a beautiful route at a stone’s throw from Amsterdam, Haarlem, in the shadow of the blast furnaces in IJmuiden: the MTB route in the green recreation area Spaarnwoude. This is a recently constructed route, but is already one of the most beautiful mountain bike routes in the Netherlands. The route with a length of 7 km starts at ski slope Snow World and is nicely varied with small climbs, steep descents, narrow wooden bridges, grassland and shell paths. Another great thing about this route is that it contains so-called ‘chicken runs’: shortcuts that are a bit easier. This makes the route ideal for both advanced and beginners.

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