The most beautiful cycling routes in the Netherlands

The most beautiful cycling routes in the Netherlands

Imagine: you have bought a BESV e-bike. This makes you have one of the most beautiful e-bikes in the Netherlands! How nice is it then, if you also ride the most beautiful cycling routes in the Netherlands? Indeed, that is beautiful squared! Where can you find these cycling routes? Right here at BESV. We have listed the most beautiful routes in the Netherlands for you. So, whether you are going on a sporty cycling holiday or just want to make a recreational round trip close to home with your partner, you will find in the following lines the routes that you absolutely must have cycled once.

De Hoge Veluwe National Park

Do you like cycling in nature and through forests? Then go to the area between Apeldoorn and Hoenderloo. There you may find the most beautiful nature reserve in the Netherlands: The National Park De Hoge Veluwe. The area is no less than 5,400 hectares in size and is not called the green treasure trove of the Netherlands for nothing! Besides lots of green, the park offers you the chance to encounter animals like the red deer, the mouflon, the roe, the wild boar, the badger and the pine marten. And not to forget: beautiful, well-maintained bicycle paths with the well-known cycling junctions. Our favourite route in this area is this tour of over 41 kilometres.

Idyllic Utrecht

This route too is situated in the middle of the country. We travel a few kilometres to the west, to the idyllic landscape of the Utrecht plains. This 40-kilometre-long route takes you past a magnificent symphony of historic villages full of monumental buildings, castles and the peat bogs so characteristic of this region, including small rivers, dykes, green meadows and grazing cows. Our electric bikes are made for routes like this!


Flower Route

A world-class tourist attraction, and one that can be found in our own polders: the Bollenstreek. Every year, almost a million tourists come here to enjoy the blooming tulips, daffodils and hyacinths in the spring, while in the summer, the dahlias give the landscape a fairytale look. A beautiful, sensual bicycle tour through this region is the well-known Bloemenroute. In both the tulip season and in summer you really shouldn’t miss this route. You’ll pass the Keukenhof, flower villages like Lisse and Noordwijkerhout and the dune area where the wild deer, horses and long-haired cattle make your bike tour complete.

Touring on Texel

Our largest Wadden Island is not only a great place for long walks on the beach, to visit the lighthouse and to enjoy beer brewed on the island. Texel also has 140 kilometres of bicycle paths. These routes lead you along the most beautiful spots of the island: dunes, forests, nature parks and meadows full of sheep. Besides woolly grazers you have the chance to see seals, ermines and lots of birds. And if you are very lucky, you can even see the white snout of the white-beaked dolphin sticking out of the sea water. Dolphin!

Cycle route along the dolmens

This fantastic cycling route in Drenthe takes you right into the past. The mighty dolmens you pass were built as burial vaults no less than 5000 years ago, which means you can also see grave goods. These structures therefore provide a good insight into how our ancestors lived. In addition to dolmens, this 36-kilometre cycle route takes you on a breathtaking journey through hilly areas, past heathland, pingo ruins and beautiful forests. We make bikes for routes like this!

Van Gogh Cycle Route through North Brabant

Imagine being able to see sunflowers as Vincent van Gogh saw them. It’s possible, with the Van Gogh cycle route. This route consists of a total of 435 kilometres of well-groomed cycle paths through the countryside of Brabant and is divided into ten separate tours. You will pass all the important places where Van Gogh grew up and found inspiration for painting his masterpieces. You will pass fields of sunflowers, the Van Gogh House and the place where Vincent painted The Potato Eaters. Also worthwhile: take the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path between Eindhoven and Nuenen in the evening and wait until it gets dark. The cycle path then changes into a work of art, inspired by The Starry Night.

Salty route along mussels and oysters

Mussels and oysters are at their tastiest when they have just emerged from the water, and when you have just finished cycling. The Zeeland Salty Route is therefore much more than just one of the most beautiful cycling routes in the Netherlands. It’s a unique way to experience the best that the sea has to offer at its very best! The Salty Zeeland Cycle Route is over 50 kilometres long and takes you along the salty waters of the Ooster- and Westerschelde estuaries. On the way you will pass oyster farms and the bronze statue of the mussel man in Yerseke, who looks out over the Kotter boats delivering fresh mussels every day. Each of these are great opportunities to stop and enjoy all that fantastic food!