Trekking models

Trekking models
These fashionable e-bikes are designed for long-distance travel and pavement-based adventuring. Trekking e-bikes very popular choice for commuters and cycle tourists. Our trekking bikes are equipped with more gears, stronger motors and rear carriers which enable you to mount panniers. If you like to ride long distances a trekking bike is exactly what you need.

Our trekking e-bikes are also designed with comfort, versatility and long distance rides in mind. The bikes are all fitted with powerful motors and big capacity batteries. When it comes to drivetrain, the obvious choice was to go with 9, 10, 11 and even 12 speed gears in case you need to go uphill or ride at high speed on the flats. The frames are built for comfort, as they are fit with wide tires and have plenty of front suspension travel. Travel the distance but travel in comfort was our aim. A Racktime rear carrier with the Snapit platform gives you the opportunity to fit panier bags with a simple and firm “click”. This will allow you to carry your groceries but also all the stuff that is needed for a bike packing tour.

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