Hybrid-SUV models
Our urban models are capable to cross any road and any path and are ready for anything the urban jungle throws in its way. The fashionable TRB Urban and TRX models not only have a high-capacity battery but also a particularly powerful motor of at least 85Nm. Do you want to enjoy long, challenging bike rides with enough battery capacity and if you want to face any challenge? Our urban e-bikes are the bikes you are looking for!

Our Urban e-bikes are based on our mtb platforms (both fullsuspension as hardtail) but equipped with fenders, lights and rear carrier to create a super versatile bike. We would actually like to refer to these bikes as two-wheeled SUV’s. They can do everything, everywhere and at any time. Take them to commute to work, after work to the forests for some trails and in the evening you fit your panier bags with the Snapit system from Racktime and do groceries. It just doesn’t get more versatile!


BESV Urban/SUV e-bikes are the ultimate machines for riding any terrain, no matter how difficult. Our trendy models – the TRS and TRX Urban – boast high-capacity batteries and powerful motors that deliver support when needed. Whether you’re after a long, challenging bike ride or an easy commute, our urban e-bikes have got you covered.


Based on BESV’s MTB platforms, these urban e-bikes are designed to be versatile and can easily handle all types of roads and paths. They come equipped with fenders, lights, and rear carriers to create an SUV-like two-wheeled bike that can go anywhere and do anything. You can take them on a work commute, hit the trails after work, and even use them to run errands in the evenings. With BESV Urban e-bikes, you’ll never have to worry about encountering obstacles on your travels again.

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