BESV offers various e-bikes to meet the needs of our riders. City e-bikes are perfect for short to medium distances in the city, while our Trekking e-bikes are designed for longer leisure rides. BESV Hybrid-SUV e-bikes are suitable for any road or path in the city and beyond and our eMTB models are perfect for sportive challenges with both full suspension and hardtail models available. We also offer high-performance e-MTBs that are perfectly for all-mountain use and fast paced enduro riding. We further offer two e-Gravel models that are perfect for cycling adventures and bikepacking.

See our collections below based on your interest and join the BESV family today.






High Performance

Var gillar du att cykla mest?
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  • Pavement answerShort Rides
  • MountainsSportive Rides
Vilken rammodell föredrar du?
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  • Högt insteg
Vilken typ av cykel letar du efter?
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