e-MTB models

E-MTB models
Challenge yourself, use power, speed and agility. That is what riding on a BESV e-mtb is all about. BESV e-mtb’s models are up to all your challenges, as we offer both Full Suspension and Hardtail models. You can be a cross country enthusiast, a trail lover or a fan of electric mountain bikes, you will always find your perfect e-MTB in our product range.
Full-suspension eMTB models
With two different frame groups we offer full suspension e-mtb’s from recreational to high performance levels. Our full carbon frames are developed with nothing else in mind than performance.

We have worked with our highly experienced team of engineers and designers to develop these frames and fitted them with high-end performance parts, big capacity batteries and the most powerful Shimano motor. If you are looking for a professional e-mtb capable to enter competitions, the BESV TCE and TCA-series are it.

Our aluminum frames are all equipped with quality parts similar as our carbon ones. These bikes will suit a large group of rider-types as it offers you up to 160mm of travel in the front and 150mm in the back, making it capable of taking on any terrain. We have designed these bikes to offer  superb performance on and off the trails. They look good, ride good and offer great fun.
Hardtail eMTB models:
The hardtail e-mtb’s are developed to be perfect companions for cross-country or gravel rides. For the slightly less-confident riders we also offer these models with a low-step style frame. These frames have a little less travel in the front and a little more upright and comfortable riding position as key features. Don’t be mistaken, it still has the capabilities of doing the same trails as the step-over frame style. Fitted with some powerful Shimano drivetrains and enough battery capacity, these bikes are ready to take you on many off-road adventures.

E-MTB models

BESV offers a range of electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs) that are designed to offer you the ultimate off-road experience. Our e-MTB models are built to handle the toughest terrains and provide the perfect combination of power, speed, and agility. We offer both Full Suspension and Hardtail models to cater to different preferences.

Hardtail eMTB models

BESV Hardtail eMTB models offer a lightweight and versatile option for those who prefer a more traditional feel to their e-MTB. These models are built with a front suspension fork to absorb shocks and provide better control on rough terrain. They are equipped with powerful motors and big capacity batteries to ensure you can tackle longer distances with ease.


Our Full Suspension eMTB models are equipped with suspension systems that absorb shocks and provide a smooth ride, even on the roughest terrain. They are designed to provide maximum traction and control, allowing you to take on steep inclines, rough terrain, and challenging descents with ease. With BESV e-MTBs, you can enjoy the thrill of mountain biking to the max.


The BESV “High-Performance” category features our TCA & TCE which are full carbon, performance-focused e-MTBs and are the crème de la crème of BESV’s offerings. These bikes are built with carbon frames and feature Full Suspension systems, making them incredibly lightweight yet robust.

The TCA (all-mountain) models are suited for mountain use with 140/130mm travel, while the TCE is an enduro e-MTB capable of conquering rough terrain with 160/150mm travel. Ideal for riders who demand the best specifications and technical specs.

Whether you’re a professional rider or looking for the ultimate electric mountain bike experience, our High-Performance series have everything you need to take your riding to the next level.

Your best weapon to conquer the mountain!

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